(Lepidium Peruvianum. Lepidium Meyenii)

Maca, is a turnip-like plant that grows extremely high in the Andes Mountains adapting to very harsh weather conditions.

Traditionally used for over 3 millennia by the ancient Peruvian culture for strength and endurance, the Incas gave Maca to their soldiers to fight their wars. Recently rediscovered, its use has spread worldwide as a potent energizer, increasing athletic performance. More...

Achieve and maintain overall WELLNESS.
Obtain the necessary VIGOR to make a difference in today’s competitive sports and active environment.
Reach new heights in ENDURANCE that will be second to none.

Potent energizer
Increases physical and mental endurance.
Reduces stress on joints
Keep focused and concentrated while remaining relaxed
Sleep better
Anti inflammatory
Improves the immune systems
Maintains the vascular system at optimum condition
Toned skin.

Maca High Power is not only MACA

The right combinations and high grade concentrate extracts, is what makes MacaHighPower so special, and different from any maca product found in the market today

Our team developer Octavio Zolezzi, expert in Peruvian Plants, learned important features the ancient Incas used in their customs for producing the best effect from maca. This includes amongst othe things selecting the highest altitude maca and slow curing it for 2 months. But secondly, how to use the knowledge of ancient Peruvian cultures, like the Ashanika tribes, to produce the best results from these wonderfull Peruvian plants.

ADAPTOGEN (*) Naturally optimizes hormonal systems.

Immune system stimulant
Regulates blood pressure
Increases libido
Reduces Menopause symptoms
Helps your metabolism.

Helps maintain your energy level up for longer, making it easier to keep to your weight loss diet.

(*) An adaptogen has the ability to regulate and stabilize the body’s systems naturally. Through the endocrine system, it acts uniquely responding to the needs of the bodies of men and women alike. Adaptogens also act by boosting the immune system and harmonizing the bodies overall vitality. Rather that addressing a specific symptom, adaptogens are used to improve the overall adaptability of the
whole systems of the body.


The quality of our products will be the highest at all times.
The people behind our products, is our guarantee of quality and service for our clients. This is based on our experience, close relationship with our trusted producers, supervision of the final processing and personal care.


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A pure all natural product from Peru for maximum physical and mental perfomance in men and women of all ages

Does not contain banned substances
Safe for competition sports

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