Maca High Power is not only MACA

An ancient unique blend of Maca is helping athletes and active people worldwide

Our team developer Octavio Zolezzi, expert in Peruvian Plants, learned important features the ancient Incas used in their customs for producing the best effect from maca. This includes amongst othe things selecting the highest altitude maca and slow curing it for 2 months. But secondly, how to use the knowledge of ancient Peruvian cultures, like the Ashanika tribes, to produce the best results from these wonderfull Peruvian plants.

Part of our formula was to include two herbs we gained knowledge about and access to from the Ashanika tribal leaders. ( See the legend of machote )

One is called cat’s claw, the other annatto

Today, modern science discovered that cat’s claw is also effective in treating diabetes, prostate problems and fatigue – in addition to its powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Annatto contains powerful antioxidants that when combined with maca and cat’s claw, produces a synergistic effect for a higher-powered energy and endurance formula.

The right combinations and high grade concentrate extracts, is what makes MacaHighPower so special, and different from any maca product found in the market today.

The Legend of “MACHOTE”

A long time ago, in the Tropical Paradise of Peru’s central jungle, there lived a Shaman (native doctor) and his wife.

They belonged to the Ashanika ethnic group and survived by hunting and fishing. Out of their love and passion came a exuberant and joyful baby son who they named “Achote” for his likeness to this powerful medicinal plant. The Ashanikas use this plant for curing poisonings, inflammations, to protect themselves from sunburn, as a ritual cosmetic and to initiate fire by rubbing its dry twigs.

Achote was the eldest of his brothers. He took great care of his brothers and guided them through the challenging jungle thanks to the teachings of their grandmother “Ayahuasca” and their grandfather Piripiri. One day, Achote´s brothers began to lose weight, did not want to eat and fell sick, despite the care of their parents and grandparents.

Then, grandmother Ayahuasca said “Up river in the hills where the sun sets, there are some white stones that the Incas call “cachi” which make food tastier and irresistible for the most exigent palates. Then the grandfather Piripiri said: “You, Achote, are the eldest and strongest, your skin is the most sun resistant for which you are the chosen to go look for the precious white stone.

The salt hill was in the mountains of Tarma, in Inca territory. Achote sailed up river in a raft till he reached the ? of the river Perené which is now Chanchamayo . From there he climbed uphill following the sun for three days. Tiredness, hunger and the burning sierra sun, started to diminish the force of this valiant young boy. Achote took with him a "tsarato" woven by his mother with fine cotton in which he carried boiled yucca and a hollow pumpkin full of "piarentsi", the ritual beverage made from fermented yucca. There, he stopped ate and went to sleep...

The next day, with the first sun rays, he continued his way up and far away, he saw the salt of the hills as white as snow.

Suddenly, the Apu (God of the mountain) started to tremble and enormous stones started falling. When Apu calmed his fury, behind a cloud of golden yellow powder, a beautiful radiant Quechua princess appeared and confidently approached the tired stranger. As occurs in these stories, they fell in love at first sight and embraced in a deep and passionate kiss. Achote immediately recovered his strength and stamina. The princess’s name was Maca and was very joyful, sensual and generous. Achote and Maca returned together, with the heavy load of white salt stones and where greeted with a great party at the village. Before a year passed and the salt was used up, a vigorous son of this fertile couple was born. Maca and Achote called him MACHOTE.

The legend tells us that Machote had many brothers that inhabited the paradise of the Vilcabamba mountain range (actually Otishi National Park) and that he lived for more than 100 years and had 33 sons of his own. Every year they made the salt hill pilgrimage. One year, on the way they found “Chasquis” (the Inca messengers) with who they traded arrows, macaw feathers, cat’s claw and achote for salt, coca leaves, Maca and bronze tools.

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